streda, 30. marca 2016

SKY_013_urbanfailure - Random Shadows

Random Shadows
experimental abstract electronics / industrial rhytmic noise Techno

Rhythm and polyrhythm are mathematical functions illustrating the basic characteristic of music itself. The resolution of numbers into  prime numbers evokes an illusion of meaningfulness and causes abrupt and unexpected brain congestion. It is a continual process.The nasal root becomes displaced from its natural postition and all of a sudden you are unable to control your own extremities. Your nervous system experiences utter joy. Your brain, possessed by the illusion of quality and quantity, rhythm and melody, is completely unaware. The mosaic creates a sensation of oneness and complexity. To fall aspleep in a theatre is indeed one of the most beautiful adventures. Splendid music by Urbanfailure.
Released by heart by Sky Burial and [/] urbsounds collective limited to 33 pieces on clear vinyl, hand made, recorded live with passion and punk attitude, shadows photography Jana Mikova, most expressive and beatiful cover art by Tove ~ thanks + respect
ltd 33x 7"(lathe cut - clear vinyl)
13€ -




utorok, 16. februára 2016


collaboration 777 Babalon & 900piesek
ritual dark ambient/ experimental/ noise
This album is a collaboration of 777 Babalon & 900piesek.
Twin rivers created this mosaic of thought.
Twin rivers flowing calmly,furnishing trees with humidity and animals with nourishment.
Thoughts, like glass owls, are flying through the night, slicing through the icy air, while stars are just echoing their presence.
Trees are whispering in the wind and waterfalls of small ice crystals are falling down from the treetops in sparkling moonlight.
ltd 49x mc






noise core/ grind/ free jazz
This live Czech&Slovak collaboration is a beautiful example of how it would turn out, if You will share your rocket launchers with a bunch of brave Neanderthal  warriors. 
Destructive force fueled by fusion of free-jazz and noise core, has the power to resurrect the dead , while sounding like thousand Tornados. This is how it looks, when two magnificent bands plays together with enormous passion. 1X saxophonist 2x drummers 3x bassist and 4x inhuman screechers are creating this deadly assembly, hell machine with flaming tongue, witch will rip your ear drums with precision of the Swiss Watch -  tikt ak tik tak tik tak...
ltd 300 x digipack-CD
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piatok, 25. septembra 2015


Červené oči.
Zelené oči.
Fialové oči. Zírají.
Nechoď pryč a nechoď moc blízko.
Tma škrábe šarlatovými nehty
do nic netušících tváří.
Do borůvkových koláčů.
Nenarození do tmy křičí.
Skrze živé pláčí po životě.
Dávno mrtví se tomu smějí.
Smějí se ústy pannen
ve výkladních skříních.
Obleč si na sebe ty panny.
Staň se opět pannou.
Zašij rány, zažij rána, zastav krev.
Modré oči toho pána.
Nic nepluje v nich.
Ani loď.Ani mrak.
Jeho duši nenajdeš.
Kde nic není
tam jsme my.
Černí. Silní.
Skleněné květiny.
Slupky naplněné novým obsahem.
Vyjdi do sna.
Naplň se námi.

štvrtok, 17. septembra 2015


Missa Rubra Carcosiana
drone/noise/dark ambient/PE/black

Missa Rubra Carcosiana represents the live recording of The Hidden Congregation, a project created by members of SEMAI and STOR, from a gig in Bratislava club A4, 20. 2. 2015. For this evening The Hidden Congregation has prepared a special set inspired by the mythology of H. P. Lovecraft and Robert W. Chambers. Sonically, it is occult themed drone/noise with an insinuated black metal feeling, whose main lines roll on through continuous development of central frequencies and musical leitmotifs.

ltd 49 x mc 
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