štvrtok, 3. novembra 2016

SKY016_HIDDEN PERSUADERS - Flowers Of The Abyss

Flowers Of The Abyss
ritual drone/noise/black metal/martial

Wind and stars… cold, frost, rain, darkness, snow, trees and panting. Glittering clouds of steam rising from the lake. The lake is far away in the mountains and its surface is as a mirror of black velvet. Without a hint of motion it observes the clouds and slowly, beautifully and symetrically, it bleeds into the skies. The sweetest flavour of forbidden fruit. Long and cold are the nights over Bergen, over the avenue of your trees. The death's-head moth sits at the ceiling of your room.
Norwegian musician Andreas Brandal with a nearly 40 minute long material of his ritual project HIDDEN PERSUADERS – a musical collage somewhere between raw black metal/harsh noise/drone with pronounced marching passages – a strong atmospheric album.
The nice graphic design is made by Svjatogor. It comes in an edition of 49 tapes inside a heavy paper box hand-painted with acrylic and a sitting death's-head moth at the top.
For listening, click at the bandcamp.
ltd. 49x mc





piatok, 23. septembra 2016

SKY015_PSYCHICK WITCH - Cosimc Botanists

Cosmic Botanists
experimental drone / harsh noise / lo-fi / psy-folk-noise  

Psychick Witch is a New Zealand based noise musician.
Psychick Witch is not nor has it ever claimed to be 'music' to allign oneself wholly to such a regimented dogma is to be stripped ov true creativity. 

This Is Not Music
Fractured amplifier bleeding 
Free noise immolation

design --> Martin Karvay

ltd. 49xmc

štvrtok, 22. septembra 2016

SKY014_KRRAU / ﻗﺎﻣﺖ ﺍﻟﺳﺎﻋﺔ [QAMAT IS SA'ATU] - αρχάος


KRRAU is industrial/darkwave band from Kirov, Russia.
The sound is very influenced by The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud.

ﻗﺎﻣﺖ ﺍﻟﺳﺎﻋﺔ [Qamat is-sa'atu] is post-industrial band with ethnic (oriental) music
influences from Moscow/Cherkessk, Russia. Trying to find
compromise between raw, agressive and epic Sound.

The title of the split is αρχάος.
It’s a neologism from hellenic language (αρχαιότητα – antiquity, χάος – chaos).
 Its a concept album based on
oriental myths about Iskander Zul-Qarnayn (Alexander the Great). Most
lyrics on russian, some part in the 4th track on karachay language
(the ancient language spoken in villages in remote areas of the
Caucasus Mountains).
This material since 2014 - read a lot about Alexander The Great (Iskander). Lyrics have connections with "The Shahnameh" of Ferdowsi, traditions and folkloreof Meddle East, The Quran traditions, Zoroastrianism traditions, works
of ancient greek and roman historians (Callisthenes of Olynthus, Quintus Curtius Rufus).

The release is limited to 49 pieces hand painted tapes in a paper boxes.

beautiful design by ProteusAA
ltd. 49 x mc

streda, 30. marca 2016

SKY_013_urbanfailure - Random Shadows

Random Shadows
experimental abstract electronics / industrial rhytmic noise Techno

Rhythm and polyrhythm are mathematical functions illustrating the basic characteristic of music itself. The resolution of numbers into  prime numbers evokes an illusion of meaningfulness and causes abrupt and unexpected brain congestion. It is a continual process.The nasal root becomes displaced from its natural postition and all of a sudden you are unable to control your own extremities. Your nervous system experiences utter joy. Your brain, possessed by the illusion of quality and quantity, rhythm and melody, is completely unaware. The mosaic creates a sensation of oneness and complexity. To fall aspleep in a theatre is indeed one of the most beautiful adventures. Splendid music by Urbanfailure.
Released by heart by Sky Burial and [/] urbsounds collective limited to 33 pieces on clear vinyl, hand made, recorded live with passion and punk attitude, shadows photography Jana Mikova, most expressive and beatiful cover art by Tove ~ thanks + respect
ltd 33x 7"(lathe cut - clear vinyl)
13€ -